Who and What we stand for

Message From Our Founder

There are many ways to get involved; click the video of Dr. La Faune Gordon to hear more about who we are.

Kids in Preschool


To empower

young children and families in



while promoting emotional well-being, health and

family cohesion.

Children in Science Class


Empowering our future with confident and capable individuals. 

Kid Piling Blocks


It all starts with Collaboration.

Whether we are collaborating with parents, guardians, teachers


we are collaborating with our sponsors and other community organizations-

it takes a village!


Perhaps you want to join forces with us in making a difference in strengthening individuals, families and entire communities through mental health support services. Giving any dollar amount or donating equipment or services is helpful. Did any ideas come to mind of how you could support the expansion of Children and Families, Inc,?  Are you thinking of how your support could retain and/or attract additional credentialed staff, expand existing programs and/or create new ones? 

Giving will enable those dreams to become reality!

Long Beach Day Nursery

A few of our Community Partners,




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